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Maintaining a Garbage Disposal

To Avoid Maintenance problems, follow these suggestions:

Food going into garbage disposal
Food into disposal
  • Be sure to have cold water running before you turn on your disposal.

  • Gradually feed in food waste.

  • Do not stick a spatula or any silverware down past the splash guard.

  • Run water for a few seconds after food has been ground.

If a clanking sound is heard, or the disposal stops, how do you remove the object?

1) Turning off power

2) Remove spash gurard

3) Look for object with flashlight

4) If you cannot free the object, use the Allen wrench that comes with disposal. Turn back and forth to free the object.

5) Once free, replace guard, turn on water, and test disposal.

Garbage Disposal
Garbage Disposal
What if the disposal motor shuts off during operation?

Typically, its overload protector has sensed overheating and has broken the electrical connection. Wait a few minutes for unit to cool, the push the red reset button (typically on the bottom of disposal). If that doesn't work, check to see if you have power to the unit by inspecting the cord and the fuse or circuit breaker.

Use these tips to maintain your garbage disposal.

Caution: Do not use chemicals. Do not attempt to clear a blocked drain line with chemicals of any type. If the solution does not work, you or the plumber will be in danger of getting splattered with the chemicals when work to clear the line resumes.

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