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Michael Anderson Inspecting

About 4 Corners Home Inspection

Michael Anderson

Owner, Principal Inspector

4 Corners Home Inspection llc


My name is Michael Anderson, an experienced Columbus, Ohio based home inspector.  I started my inspection company in 2014 after an unpleasant home buying experience.  The inspection and the process was disappointing. Undisclosed defects, misrepresented materials, and a less than detailed report left my wife and I confused and vulnerable.  We ended up buying a house with many undisclosed issues that would have affected our decision had we known ahead of time.  I vowed, as a home inspector, that I would take time to educate my clients on different aspects, components, and systems of the home.  I work hard to cover every square inch of the home, in order to provide accurate and detailed information.  My goal is for my client to leave the inspection without questions or doubts about their future purpose.  4 Corners Home Inspection is adament about providing a thorough inspection and detailed report.  We will also naviagate any roof, crawlspace, basement, or attic that can be done so safely. 


I appreciate the unique challenges that each inspection brings.  No property is exacly the same, leading to new discoveries every day.  The inspection process is fast-pased, yet efficient and organized.  It is a joy educating clients about all aspects of the home.   I recommend clients attend the inspection at least partially in order to discuss and point out important information. 

I strive to provide my clients with a complete, honest, informative assessment of the property.  I perform a high-quality and thorough home inspection.  I will continue to provide prompt, professional service and do my best to deliver answers to your questions during the buying process.


4 Corners Home Inspection llc maintains memberships in organizations, health departments, and state departments that require continued education and adherence to strict industry standards.

Michael Anderson inspecting sink

Central Ohio

Home Inspections, Radon, & Termite

I have lived in the Central Ohio area my whole life.  I know the unique challenges of the area and enjoy the many changes Columbus, Ohio has experienced over the last 40 years. 

Columbus Ohio

Why Choose 4 Corners Home Inspection?

Buying a House

Peace of Mind

We strive to provide clients with peace of mind during the home buying process.  We pride ourselves on being sensitive and understanding to our clients' and Realtors' needs during this important time.  You can feel confident that you will have the information you need when you need it.

He was very kind and the inspection was very detailed, explaining each one of the points, excellent work, very good quality, he carefully looked for every detail and explained it, I highly recommend it. His name is Michael Anderson.

Erika, Columbus

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